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The Metamorphosis
Do We Love Even After We Die?
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17th-Mar-2006 10:42 pm - Chapter Two:Purgatory Part One
Cast out of Eden
Okay so not quite Saturday, but I'm going to a job fair (wish me luck!) and them to the movies in the evening tomorrow so I'm going to post this now. Chapter two will be divied into at least two but possibly three parts just due to size and time.

“Then she is not here,” Jonathan realized, that only left one other choice, the word the angel would not say. He deigned to ask anyway thought the thought made him sick, “Is she in hell then?”Collapse )
14th-Mar-2006 10:07 am - Art!
I wouldn't call this art so much official as part of a character sketch.

SabrielCollapse )
Sabriel will be intorduced in the next chapter (this Saturday). What she is will not be revealed until then either, if its not obvious already. o.o
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